If you don’t know which style of eyelash extension is suitable for you, this article will recommend the type of eyelash extension you may need, combining with the applicable scenario, curl and thickness of lashes


The styles of applying eyelash extensions ,eyelash extensions,lash extensions

The styles of applying eyelash extensions 

1. Three styles from eyelash density


(1) Natural lash style, also called Elegant style:

If you are the first time to apply eyelash extension, I suggest that you choose this style. Natural style is suitable for work and low-key occasions. This style is not much pressure to eyelashes and let eyes be comfortable.

(2) Dense Lash style, also called barbie doll style:

2-3 false eyelash extensions are on one natural lash, dense style will give you a strong makeup feel, and can reduce age, suitbale for social occassions.

(3) Exaggerated Lash style, also called cleopatra style:

Exaggerated eyelashes are twice as long as true eyelashes, density is  three times or four times longer than true eyelashes.

If you would like to attend to some occassions such as ceremony that needs heavy makeup, this style is the best choice.

But the people that have short and wispy lashes can not accept this style.


2. The shape of the eyelashes is arranged in two different ways:


(1) fan-shaped, the middle is long and the two sides are short. It is very lovely.

(2) Flying shape, inner eye corner is the shortest and the outer eye corner is the longest. It is charming.


3. Curl is divided into three ways: 


(1) J: 30 degrees in the middle, a little curved, it is suitable for short eyelashes.

(2) B: 40 degrees. all people can use this.

(3) C: 50 degrees. Exaggerated style, European people often like this.


4. Thickness is divided into four ways: 


(1) 0.10mm is soft and thin.

(2) 0.15mm is the general thickness.

(3) 0.20mm is dense and thick, so the dense effect is strong.


5. Blooming lashes. 4-7 eyelashes root are together, no skills needed, the apply speed is fast.

Tips: Choose eyelash extensions styles according to eye shape 


  1. Apricot eye: Eye-tail-plus-length and single application, this can let the eye type naturally extend, also can have a kind of drawing eyeliner when the deep feeling, let the eye be more mature. But remember that apricot-eyed people try to avoid choosing too dense styles when picking eyelashes, because it makes their eyes feel smaller.
  2. Round eye: Fan-shaped+single eyelash extension. The round-eye person is born with a lovely feeling of living, such an eye is usually curved, so the eyelashes are very suitable for the doll’s fan-shaped style, the effect can be more prominent black eyes, so you look more exciting!
  3. Single eyelid: Any eye type, any eyelash pattern, any density, adjusts the curl to L shape. Enlarge your eyes and make them look more divine.
  4. Lower eyes: This eye is a crescent shape, and it will be recommended that the tail of the eye be grafted with a longer eyelash style, and the eye shape will look more balanced and more beautiful. It has a watery effect after applying eyelash extensions.


Tips: What difference of 3D, 6D, 9D and camellia eyelashes?



3D eyelash extension is that one eyelash extension is applied onto one natural lash. This way can show clean and clear effect.  is the most natural way to connect eyelashes, because the effect is like only a layer of long mascara, but also the most classic way to connect eyelashes.

6D eyelash extension is that 3-5 eyelash extensions are applied onto one natural lashes. This will give you a light, fluffy eyeliner, which is very suitable for people with less eyelash or more space between eyelashes.

9D eyelash extension is the combination of 3D and 6D. 9D eyelash extension is just suitable for people who have wispy eyelashes. And your true eyelashes will have a much pressure after applying 9D eyelash extensions.

Camellia eyelash extensions is Multi-level eyelash extensions. Using different length and using blooming skills apply onto true eyelashes. The level feeling is more clear than traditional eyelash extensions because of difference length of eyelash extensions.



Tips: How to choose the materials of Eyelash Extensions

  1. 1. Hand-made synthetic eyelashes:

Advantage: the price is low, the styles are colorful.

Disadvantage: the material is hard, it is a little heavy and easy to press true eyelashes.


  1. Silk eyelashes:

Advantage: The silk eyelashes are lightweight, have some shape and curls.

Disadvantage: the styles are less.


  1. Real mink eyelashes:

Advantage: the material is soft and natural and glossy.

Disadvantage: the curl will be reduced when meet water, and no thickness.