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False eyelashes can be divided into prefabricated fan eyelashes, half eyelashes, eyelash expansion, etc; In terms of material, there are mink hair, horse hair, chemical fiber, etc; False eyelashes are generally divided into 4 curvature, J, B, C and D, and D is the maximum curvature; With different length, number and color, there are countless kinds. Girls in European and American countries prefer exaggerated, thick and slender false eyelashes. Asian women like natural thin false eyelashes.
The active search demand of users in overseas markets continues to grow, and the sales are rising steadily year by year. The market scale in North America, Europe and Latin America is close to 70%
1) In 2019, the global market scale of make-up tools was nearly US billion. It is mainly distributed in North America (43.1%) (US .35 billion), Asia Pacific (29.1%) (US 2 million), Europe (21.5%) and Latin America (4.9%). It is estimated that by 2023, the proportion of makeup tools in North America and Asia Pacific will continue to increase, reaching 54.3% (US .7 billion) and 33.6% (US billion) respectively.
2) The active demand of the market continues to grow. The search volume of Google has increased from 2015 to 2021. The average annual growth rate of the search volume of global makeup tools in Google is 19%.

High unit price false eyelash comprehensive set products are an important direction
Eyelash expansion market situation and trend
Grafted eyelashes: Prefabricated fan eyelashes (out of stock), one second flowering eyelashes, multiple boxes of eyelashes, extended mass merchandising
Half eyelash: 10 ~ 20 pairs of eyelash sets, 20 boxes and above pairs of eyelash sets
The price of magnetic eyelashes has an obvious demand trend in the price range
Magnet eyelashes (adsorption false eyelashes) have a variety of types, focusing on the supplement of goods in the price range of ~ 15
The growth trend of tools around false eyelashes is obvious
Eyelash glue
Eyelash glue is a necessary item in the ordinary eyelash grafting process. Because it is difficult to transport liquid goods, there is an urgent need for 5 sets of goods in overseas warehouse, with a price of 10 ~ 60$
Under eyelash pad
In 2021, a new category will be launched, with high growth and few goods. A large number of up turned goods are required. The focus is to supplement 50 / 100 pairs, with a price band of 5 ~ 15 $. Eyelash goods of different shapes and styles can be added.
Mascara brushes
In January 2021, a new leaf category was added, focusing on attracting eyelash brush products, starting from 50 pairs, with a price band of ~ 15
Clover eyelashes are a trend in eyelash expansion
Sales have been very strong in the last two years. The solution is to reduce the use skills and increase the effect of grafting eyelashes. Let more eyelash beauticians, save time and improve eyelash grafting effect.
NEW TREND Neon Color Lash extensions
Because Neon eyelashes are able to fluoresce vividly and perfectly under UV or black light. So now it is very popular in Europe, America and other regions.This is the new trend of neon eyelashes.

Neon lashes are one of colored lash extensions,also named blacklight lashes /fluorescent UV eyelashes.What makes neon eyelash extensions different from normal individual colored lashes is that neon eyelashes are able to fluoresce vividly and perfectly under UV or black light.More and more young people wear eyelashes at night. Neon eyelashes will also become a popular eyelash trend.